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  • ab initio gene prediction programs.

  • Analyses of small genomes show that about 30-40% of the proteins within the genome can be modelled by comparative modelling and fold recognition methods [ 27 50 52 ] . An additional 20-30% of the sequences are (or contain) small domains with simple secondary structures that are viable candidates for ab initio structure prediction [ 53 ] . The remaining proteins are usually not amenable to structure prediction and sometimes even structure determination (a significant fraction of the latter are membrane proteins).

  • In the ab initio category, as with comparative modelling, the first CASP experiments did not live up to the results previously published in the literature [ 16 19 ] . It was not until CASP3 (the first time where we took part in this category) that the first consistent positive results were seen: several groups were able to predict the correct topologies for small proteins, or large fragments of a protein (~60-80 residues to about 6.0 Å C α RMSD relative to the experimental conformation) [ 22 25 ] .

  • CASP4 demonstrated further improvement in our methodologies in both comparative modelling and ab initio prediction [ 26 ] . Our approaches combine a Monte Carlo procedure, simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, graph theory, and semi-exhaustive searches with move sets consisting of fragments and discrete state models, and scoring functions consisting of all atom-based pairwise functions, hydrophobicity indices, secondary structure preferences, and hydrogen bonding.

  • Ab initio prediction: Sampling conformational space

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