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How can you use “inhibit” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Zebrafish primary motor neurons may inhibit primary motor neuron fate in neighboring cells

  • lanes 2 & 3), confirming that tyrosine phosphorylated Cas SD can inhibit the ability of v-crk to activate the JNK pathway.

  • An important role of Chl b was further revealed by experiments in which newly synthesized LHCPs were detected by pulse-labeling in Chl b -less mutant plants but the proteins were not recovered in chloroplasts isolated from these plants [ 4 ] . These Chl b -less plants did not accumulate several of the LHCPs, in particular Lhcb1, Lhcb6 and Lhca4 [ 5 ] . Chl b was not detected in plants exposed to intermittent light (cycles of 2 min of light and 98 min of darkness), which accumulated only small amounts of Chl a and thylakoid membranes [ 6 7 ] . Wild-type plants treated in this way accumulated only one LHCP (Lhcb5), while Chl b -less mutants exposed to intermittent light lacked all LHCPs [ 8 ] . In complementary fashion, Chl b did not accumulate when synthesis of LHCPs was inhibited [ 9 ] . When bean plants exposed to intermittent light were treated with chloramphenicol to inhibit synthesis of proteins on chloroplast ribosomes, Chl

  • Ectopic expression of Msx1 can inhibit the differentiation of a variety of mesenchymal and epithelial progenitor cell types (Song et al.

  • Although no murine knockouts of subunits of P-TEFb have been reported, DRB and flavopiridol, two ATP analogs that inhibit the kinase activity of CDK9, can inhibit nearly all transcription by RNAPII in human cells [29].

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