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  • Among anionic polymers considered as topical microbicides to prevent sexual transmission of HIV-1 {Carbomer 974P/BufferGel, carrageenan, CAP, cellulose sulfate, dextran/dextrin sulfate, poly(napthalene sulfonate) and poly(styrene-4-sulfonate)}, CAP formulated in a micronized form, is the only compound which has a capacity to remove from physiological fluids infectious virus by adsorption onto the micronized particles.

  • The role of genetics in modulating the immune response to infectious diseases is a topic of longstanding interest among epidemiologists, clinicians, population geneticists, and immunologists [ 1 2 ] . Zinkernagel and Doherty's Nobel Prize-winning discovery that cellular immunity to viral infections was "restricted" by the highly variable proteins of the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) brought the field of immunogenetics into sharper focus [ 3 ] . Their demonstration that T lymphocytes recognize virus antigens displayed on a host cell "in the context of" MHC proteins immediately suggested the idea that genetic differences at the loci encoding the MHC might modulate the intensity and effectiveness of host response to infection.

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  • In many cases, heterozygotes as a group have shown better infectious disease outcomes (slower disease progression or more rapid clearance of viral infection) than homozygotes as a group [ 5 6 8 9 14 22 ] , a phenomenon we call "population heterozygote advantage."

  • Subunit vaccines are of interest in the prevention of parasite infection [ 24 ] and for a variety of infectious diseases [ 25 ] . An ideal subunit vaccine for the induction of protective antibody responses would be a protein from the disease-causing organism that was minimally modified from its original structure to retain a variety of potential B cell epitopes.

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