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How can you use “inefficient” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • There's so much evidence on this point that in 1986, both parties in Congress agreed that tax subsidies are, at best, an inefficient way to promote desired behavior, since most of the money goes to pay for things that are going to happen anyway.

  • Indeed, a similar explanation has been invoked to explain the presence of Hsp70 and ubiquitin in nuclear aggregates observed in cells expressing abnormal gene products with poly-Gln tracts, such as huntingtin [ 54 ] and ataxin-1 [ 59 ] . Based on reports that overexpression of chaperones [ 59 62 ] or a dominant-negative form of the ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme [ 63 ] can suppress the formation of poly-Gln protein aggregates, Kaytor and Warren [ 58 ] proposed a three-stage model wherein (i) molecular chaperones initially associate with the misfolded protein, (ii) failure to diminish the pool of misfolded protein leads to aggregation and ubiquitination and (iii) inefficient degradation of the aggregate by the proteasome is manifested by the accumulation of inclusion bodies.

  • In practice 5 of this guide, we discussed how leading organizations reduced the number of resources required to perform financial management activities by (1) consolidating activities at a shared service center and (2) eliminating or streamlining duplicative or inefficient processes.

  • Several insurance companies have already started to place a surcharge on patients who elect to receive care from “inefficient” providers (a definition that includes most teaching hospitals), hoping to encourage patients to seek more cost-effective service, and to encourage physicians to provide it [2].

  • The claim is that irrational and inefficient behavior is more likely to disappear when it is very expensive--and in this case it is very expensive.

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