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How can you use “inefficiently” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Thus, females may be predisposed to a situation in which they can occasionally express X-linked autoantigens in the periphery to which they have been inefficiently tolerized.

  • This small latent complex may be secreted inefficiently from the cell surface at relatively slow rates [ 23 ] . However, when the small latent complex is bound by the latent transforming growth factor β-binding protein via a disulfide bond to the latency-associated peptide, the result is the formation of a large latent complex which may be secreted efficiently and at a relatively high rate compared to the small latent complex [ 23 ] . Latent TGF-β is then released from the extracellular matrix via proteolytic cleavage from the large latent complex, and the resulting active TGF-β is now able to bind to the appropriate TGF-β cell-surface receptors [ 24 ] .

  • 3- O -methylglucose is a glucose analog that, in at least some organisms, is transported by hexose transporters [ 61 62 63 64 ] but is phosphorylated very inefficiently, if at all, by hexokinases [ 62 ] . Seedlings grown on media containing 3- O -methylglucose have 20:1 levels that are similar to the 20:1 levels of plants grown on approximately equi-molar concentrations of sorbitol, but that are much lower than the 20:1 levels of plants grown on equi-molar concentrations of glucose (Figure 2).

  • Studies on the sensitivity of ThDP-utilizing enzymes to progressive depletion of thiamine that is available to the cell indicate that such enzymes in mitochondria are significantly less sensitive than cytosolic enzymes in TRMA cells [ 6 ] . This could be interpreted as efficient import of thiamine/ThDP into mitochondria in TRMA cells even though thiamine inefficiently enters these cells due to the lack of the high affinity thiamine transporter.

  • My own view is that the Friedman plan fails even by its own strictly economic criteria, because it creates an incentive for people to avoid high-accident areas and take inefficiently long routes to wherever they're going--or to cancel their trips entirely.

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