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How can you use “inefficiently” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • 3- O -methylglucose is a glucose analog that, in at least some organisms, is transported by hexose transporters [ 61 62 63 64 ] but is phosphorylated very inefficiently, if at all, by hexokinases [ 62 ] . Seedlings grown on media containing 3- O -methylglucose have 20:1 levels that are similar to the 20:1 levels of plants grown on approximately equi-molar concentrations of sorbitol, but that are much lower than the 20:1 levels of plants grown on equi-molar concentrations of glucose (Figure 2).

  • Thus, females may be predisposed to a situation in which they can occasionally express X-linked autoantigens in the periphery to which they have been inefficiently tolerized.

  • In any case, it is likely that many miRNAs will not be amenable to direct cloning, including those that are present at very low levels (be they poorly expressed, highly unstable, inefficiently processed, or expressed by small numbers of cells) or whose expression is otherwise restricted to times and/or locations for which the isolation of sufficient amounts of RNA for cloning is impractical.

  • Studies on the sensitivity of ThDP-utilizing enzymes to progressive depletion of thiamine that is available to the cell indicate that such enzymes in mitochondria are significantly less sensitive than cytosolic enzymes in TRMA cells [ 6 ] . This could be interpreted as efficient import of thiamine/ThDP into mitochondria in TRMA cells even though thiamine inefficiently enters these cells due to the lack of the high affinity thiamine transporter.

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