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How can you use “impacts” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Integration can help reduce these potential negative impacts of treatment.

  • 4. Fuel Use Impacts

  • Eden K, Kocoaglu, D. Information Technology Selection Process and Perceived Impacts in Physician Practices.

  • Growth and survival may thus be affected by habitat size, which varies greatly among small aquatic habitats [ 23 24 31 36 ] . There is a positive relationship between size, or volume, of the habitat and species richness, and between volume and growth responses of individual species [ 16 23 24 25 31 37 ] . Levels of water and resources may be important cues to ovipositing females, with resulting impacts on individuals and communities [ 9 16 38 39 ] . Oviposition site selection is an important variable affecting survival and development of non-dispersing larvae, and large volumes may be preferred by females laying eggs in aquatic environments due to increased stability and decreased risk of drought [ 29 39 ] . However, allochthonous plant material from surrounding terrestrial areas is the major input of energy resources to many freshwater detritus-based food webs, and resource quantity in these habitats is highly heterogeneous and dependent on location of the habitat relative to resource inputs [ 14 40 ] . Clearly, the choice of habitat by ovipositing C pipiens females will have growth and survival consequences for offspring.

  • If the health effect in question has a linear dose-response function with no threshold above current ambient concentrations, an intake fraction provides an estimate directly interpretable from a health perspective (since the health impacts will be proportional to the sum of the product of population and concentration).

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