Example sentences for: immunostimulants

How can you use “immunostimulants” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • 4%) [ 128 ] . Some alkaloids are immunostimulants at very low doses [ 39 ] .

  • In this model, spinal cord homogenate or a protein derivative such as myelin basic protein is injected with a mixture of potent immunostimulants, most commonly in mice from the SJL strain.

  • Scorpion venom when injected exerts a strong inflammatory response [ 11 ] . Many plant species used against stings contain compounds with antiinflammatory properties, flavonoids (rutin, hesperidin, quercetin), coumarins (bergapten), coumestans (wedelolactone), triterpenes, sterols and saponins [ 38 11 ] . The mechanism of action of the flavonoids is based on the inhibition of enzymatic steps in the arachidonic acid cascade [ 38 ] . Plant compounds that are immunostimulants at very low doses are some alkaloids, quinones, isobutylamides, phenolcarboxylic acid esters and terpenoids [ 39 ] . Other plant compounds with immunostimulatory effects are sesquiterpene lactones [ 40 ] . Many polysaccharides and glycoproteins enhance the unspecific immune system by activating the phagocytotic activity of granulocytes and macrophages, or by inducing cytokine production or influencing complement factors [ 39 ] .

  • In this model, type II collagen, a joint component, is injected also with immunostimulants, most commonly into mice from the DBA/1 strain.

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