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  • In addition, it is notable that both of the immunogens tested display considerable proteolytic activity.

  • Antigen-specific T cells encounter antigen presented by dendritic cells that migrate to the paracortical regions of draining lymph nodes after initial antigen contact [ 1 ] . Only dendritic cells have the capacity to induce activation in resting peripheral T cells [ 2 3 ] . Once activated, differentiated T helper cells contact antigen-specific B cells and provide signals for B cell differentiation via CD154-CD40 interactions, as well as by the production of cytokines [ 4 5 6 ] . Consistent with this general understanding of the induction of antibody responses to protein immunogens, good antibody responses to synthetic peptide-epitope constructs have been shown to depend on the presence, orientation, and multiplicity of the T cell epitope in the construct [ 7 8 9 10 11 ] . As a confirmation of this finding with synthetic epitope constructs, most protein immunogens studied to date contain multiple T cell epitopes, for example [ 12 13 ] .

  • Upon introduction into a host's cells, these sub-genomic fragments should replicate intracellularly and support prolonged expression of dengue and heterologous immunogens without producing the deleted dengue structural proteins and without forming infectious virions.

  • As a live, attenuated vaccine for HIV is considered difficult to test and dangerous to implement [ 1 2 5 6 7 8 9 ] , various alternatives to HIV could be considered as potential "live" vectors for HIV immunogens, including enteric bacteria, poxviruses (vaccinia and canarypox), small RNA viruses (e.g.

  • Much work obviously remains to be done to develop dengue replicons as effective vectors for HIV immunogens.

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