Example sentences for: immobilization

How can you use “immobilization” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • In contrast, when C6 cells were cultured directly on streptavidin-coated wells, on which Ad5.CMV-LacZ had been immobilized, considerable amounts of infection were seen when 2.5 × 10 6viral particles per well and greater were added to wells at the immobilization step.

  • Remarkably, preincubation with the MEK1 inhibitor PD98059 resulted in a reduced cytoskeletal immobilization and tyrosine phosphorylation of cellular proteins in response to stimulation with mature TGFβ 1 . This finding is in agreement with other observations that MEK1-mediated signal transduction is involved in cytoskeletal remodeling and integrin engagement [ 70 71 ] .

  • This immobilization process is efficient enough to be iterated, so that DNA sequences specifying multiple amino acids can be routed to the appropriate miniature resin-filled columns during each step.

  • Clearly, our oligonucleotide immobilization protocol should be sufficient to sustain routine microarray hybridization and wash procedures, which are much less stringent than the overnight wash at 42°C with 0.2% SDS and no salt.

  • This result is in contrast with our previous study, which showed that greater than 95% of biotinylated Ad5.CMV-LacZ, prepared under the same conditions, can be readily captured on streptavidin-coated microbeads [ 10 ] . Thus, the relatively low immobilization efficiency of biotinylated Ad5.CMV-LacZ on the surface of streptavidin-coated wells is not attributable to the absence of accessible biotin moieties on the surfaces of a fraction of viral particles or the presence of unreacted biotinylation reagent in the biotinylated Ad5.CMV-LacZ preparations.

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