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How can you use “dysplastic” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The squamous cells in bronchial squamous dysplasia must have originated from a metaplastic focus for directly from non-squamous bronchial cells that differentiated directly to a dysplastic squamous phenotype.

  • Small foci of dysplastic precancers (Class 1) may arise from the diffuse hyperplasias and metaplasias.

  • In some circumstances, CD4 +and CD8 +T cells were rendered inactive in tumor-bearing hosts [ 8 ] . The inactivation of CD4 +T cells has been attributed either to the tumor cells themselves or to bone marrow-derived cells [ 9 10 11 ] , whereas antigen ignorance or loss of memory have been postulated to underlay that of CD8 +T cells [ 12 13 ] . Other studies have suggested that tumor cells can secrete immunosuppressive factors such as TGF-β or express Fas ligand to induce apoptosis of infiltrating lymphocytes [ 14 15 16 ] . Furthermore, the tumor vasculature appears to be quite different from normal blood vessels, in terms of structural organization, interstitial pressure, and flow patterns [ 17 ] , and in reduced lymphocyte and natural killer cell homing and adhesion [ 18 19 20 21 ] . The existence of significant barriers to effective immunological destruction is further illustrated by a mouse model of concurrent multistage tumorigenesis and anti-oncogene autoimmunity, wherein progenitor dysplastic lesions are infiltrated and disrupted, while solid tumors are not [ 22 ] . The hypothesis is that the microenvironment of certain types of solid tumor can serve to locally suppress T cell infiltration.

  • The mice show systemic tolerance to Tag, mounting neither humoral nor cellular immune responses to Tag upon immunization of purified protein [ 25 26 ] . Rip1-Tag2 mice display a reproducible pattern of multistage tumor development, from normal islets to hyperplastic/dysplastic islets, to angiogenic islets, to varying grades of solid tumor, with a well-defined angiogenic progression [ 27 ] . All Rip1-Tag2 mice succumb to hypoglycemia and tumor burden by 13-16 weeks.

  • Several weeks later, a spontaneous autoimmune response to Tag is readily detectable, with significant lymphocyte infiltration of hyperplastic/dysplastic islets.

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