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  • On the basis of the findings of Pujana et al ., the GLP/LCR15 duplicon is present at multiple regions of human genomic instability [ 21 ] . In addition, the GLP/LCR15 duplicon was shown by Gilles et al . to be polymorphic in the human population - showing that these sequences have considerable intraspecific plasticity [ 18 ] . The GLP/LCR15 duplication family has expanded over the last 20 million years of primate evolution, before the divergence of the great ape lineages, resulting in a multitude of copies (estimated at 27) present at multiple sites along chromosome 15, providing the conditions required for rearrangements driven by nonallelic homologous recombination (NAHR) [ 18 19 21 27 ] . We have begun an investigation of the organization of this region within the chimpanzee lineage.

  • With our results indicating the CHRNA7 sequence is single copy in the chimpanzee genome and thus unlikely to be involved in the inversion, the GLP/LCR15 duplicon is therefore the best candidate sequence for being present at the site of the pericentric inversion.

  • This sequence, while short, does not correspond to any of the known chromosome 15q11-q13 duplicon sequences, and therefore could represent a novel class of such low copy repeats.

  • Although the CHRNA7 duplication had, on the basis of sequence identity, previously been postulated to be human-specific, the location of this duplicon within the 600 kb interval associated with the pericentric inversion in chimpanzee necessitated determination of the copy number of CHRNA7 within the chimpanzee genome [ 17 ] . First, chimpanzee BAC library hybridizations (8.

  • Interestingly, the extent of the segmental duplications in the 1 Mb region examined was restricted to the clones that showed the dual FISH signal in PTR XVp and XVq and each clone that produced dual FISH signals contained a GLP/LCR15 duplicon by sequence analysis (Figure 4).

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