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  • Many studies have shown that a ribopurine rich strand bound to a deoxypyrimidine rich strand has a higher stability than the corresponding all deoxy strands which, in turn, have a higher stability than a deoxypurine rich strand bound to a ribopyrimidine rich strand [ 26 27 ] . These differences also suggest that further studies examining DAP or MeC incorporation into first strand cDNA, followed by formation of a DNA-DNA duplex, may not necessarily show the same effects as incorporation of these modified nucleotides into cRNA.

  • a chromogenic stain following application of intermediary reagents) rather than biochemical alteration of DNA-DNA interactions (measured by spectrophotometry) [ 8 ] . It was also concluded that mismatched probe targets should be removed using empirically derived post-hybridization washing conditions in order to achieve specificity and that appropriate conditions should be determined by experiment rather than calculated theoretically from T m . In a later study Herrington et al.

  • Earlier studies have shown that DAP, in DNA fragments, can widen the minor groove, as detected by reactivity towards uranyl nitrate or susceptibility to Dnase cleavage [ 29 ] , and can relieve compressions in the minor groove associated with A-tracts [ 30 ] . In contrast, NMR and molecular modeling studies of an oligonucleotide duplex containing MeC have demonstrated that, while this duplex still has a B-DNA conformation, there are differences in the structural parameters and thermal stability relative to the unmodified duplex [ 31 ] . An earlier study also found, in two closely related octanucleotide duplexes, that although the methylated duplexes retained their B-DNA conformation, different structural and thermal stability effects were seen [ 32 ] . Although these studies have been carried out with DNA-DNA and not DNA-RNA duplexes, it is possible that MeC substitution may have different structural consequences than DAP substitution.

  • silvaticum [ 1 ] . DNA-DNA hybridization studies have long ago established a genetic similarity between M. avium subspecies avium ( M. avium ) and M. avium subspecies paratuberculosis ( M. paratuberculosis ) [ 2 3 4 ] . Now that whole genome sequencing technologies are available, investigators can begin to examine genetic relatedness in greater detail through direct nucleotide-nucleotide comparisons.

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