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How can you use “dictated” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Bronx Legal Services Director Walker Thompson said the increased central oversight dictated by its funders compromises his office's independence.

  • Androgen exerts its biologic effects by binding to and activation of androgen receptor (AR) that trans-activates target genes through androgen responsive element (ARE) in the promoter of target genes [ 15 ] . In human breast cancer cells the effectiveness of retinoids in cell growth suppression was dictated by the presence of RAR [ 16 ] . Estrogen regulation of the expression of RAR α was mediated by interactions between estrogen receptor (ER) and estrogen responsive element (ERE) in the promoter of RAR α gene [ 17 ] . Because the DNA binding domains of steroid receptors including AR and ER are highly homologous, we postulated that similar mechanisms might also mediate the effect of androgen on RAR genes in prostate cells.

  • Those blanched Protestants, after all, who dictated that humility could be measured in chinos and tweed, couldn't have been assholes, too, now could they?

  • It was not until we doubled the training iterations dictated by the 0.05 output error cutoff that we saw some increased test error.

  • Generally, NR transcriptional activity is dictated by the balance between coactivator and corepressor recruitment, and one of the most important factors that influences this balance is the absence or presence of agonist ligands (reviewed in [ 4 ] ). Unliganded NRs such as thyroid (TRs) and retinoid receptors (RARs) bind corepressors, and ligand promotes release of corepressor and subsequent binding of coactivators.

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