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  • They include: dextran sulfate [ 34 35 ] , carrageenans [ 35 36 ] , dextrin-2-sulfate [ 37 38 ] , cellulose sulfate [ 39 ] and naphthalene sulfonate polymer (PRO 2000; [ 40 ] ). Except for dextrin-2-sulfate and PRO 2000, which appear to have anti-HIV-1 inhibitory activities similar to that of CAP, the other sulfonated polymers are less inhibitory [ 34 35 41 ] . HIV-1 may develop resistance to the inhibitory effect of dextran sulfate and R5 viruses were reported not to be inhibited by this polymer [ 42 43 ] . Dextran sulfate was shown to bind to gp120 and to interfere with gp120/CXCR4 interactions but it did not bind to gp120 of R5 viruses [ 43 ] .

  • Ratio images of GFP-myosin-II were generated using either the dextran or NLS-GFP, as marker of cytoplasmic volume, and the results compared.

  • The protofilaments in both sheets and tubes assembled in DEAE dextran are spaced 5.3-5.

  • Among the sulfonates and polysaccharide sulfates, carrageenan and poly(napthalene sulfonate) had lower anti-coagulant activity in comparison with cellulose sulfate, dextran sulfate and poly(styrene-4-sulfonate) (Fig.

  • FtsZ84 produced normal sheets of straight protofilaments in 0.06 mg/ml DEAE dextran, but they were abnormal in also producing sheets at 0.6 mg/ml DEAE dextran (with GTP).

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