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  • Moreover, it should be noted that their experimental design has the least power to detect these specific differences.

  • Proteins covalently attached to glass slides through aldehyde-containing silane reagents have been used to detect protein-protein interactions, enzymatic targets, and protein-small molecule interactions [ 21].

  • Game and his colleagues have developed a sensitive means of detecting chromosomal ds breakage using a circular chromosome [ 3 ] . Under most conditions of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, a circular yeast chromosome and circular bacterial chromosomes will not enter the gel, very likely because they are trapped by the branches of the network of agarose [ 3 13 14 ] . One double-strand break transforms this circular form into a linear form, which can now move slowly in the gel [ 3 ] . We used this procedure to detect double-strand breakage of a circular bacterial chromosome occurring spontaneously or after loss of a restriction-modification gene complex [ 15 16 ] . We found increased chromosome breakage in recBC -null and recC1002 mutants of E. coli under both conditions [ 1 ] . Michel and her colleagues used pulsed-field gel electrophoresis to detect degraded chromosomal DNAs arising spontaneously in recBC mutants and arising during replication fork arrest [ 2 ] . RuvABC proteins, which catalyze migration and cleavage of Holliday junctions, are responsible for the occurrence of the degraded DNAs following replication fork arrests [ 17 ] .

  • Based on the dummycoding, these data would have 20 variables and thus 20 NN inputs.These two types of data sets allow us to evaluate the abilityto either model gene-gene interactions or to detect gene-gene interactions.

  • This has permitted us to detect selective changes in transcripts encoding specific RPs.

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