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How can you use “derives” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • He also offers the hoary old `bitterness' or `rebelliousness' for Mary , whereas it is now thought that the name derives from the Hebrew root element MRH meaning literally `to be plump,' so in a transferred sense `strong,' `beautiful.

  • A cock and bull story, for example, derives from ancient fables and medieval bestiaries in which cocks moralized, bulls expostulated, and a menagerie of other animals discoursed in human language.

  • An artist who takes a bite out of his own painting, and who derives his subject matter from a dream, is, in some sense, a private artist; and the later work, as Varnedoe has organized it, suggests an increasing absorption in a personal vocabulary composed of body parts; crosshatching patterns (an overworked motif of the 1970s); vases; clocks; skulls; specific borrowings from Duchamp, Picassso, Holbein, and a 16 th -century Grünewald altarpiece; little stick figures with bubble heads; and, in the most recent work, the image of a spiral galaxy.

  • The evidence that adolescent diet may affect the risk of breast cancer derives from several lines of evidence [ 1 ] . Rates of breast cancer among Asian immigrants to the United States do not approach those of US white women until the second or third generation, suggesting that exposures during childhood and adolescence are important in establishing a higher risk of breast cancer [ 2 3 ] . Norwegian women who were adolescents during World War II, when average caloric intake decreased by 22%, have a reduced incidence of breast cancer, suggesting that energy restriction might affect risk [ 4 ] . Similarly, in animal models, energy restriction in the peripubertal period inhibits mammary tissue proliferation and reduces the subsequent risk of mammary tumors [ 5 6 ] . Exposure of rats to carcinogens before first pregnancy increases the incidence of mammary tumors compared with exposure after first pregnancy [ 7 ] . After differentiation of the mammary gland at the time of first full-term pregnancy of the rat, the rate of cell division decreases and length of the cell cycle increases, allowing more time for DNA repair [ 8 ] . This biologic phenomenon might explain the apparent vulnerability of the adolescent breast tissue to carcinogenic exposures.

  • Fusion of the infected cells is a hallmark of all Paramyxoviruses including RSV (as also in some other viruses, such as HIV), and the resultant mass of fused cells is referred as a syncytium, from which respiratory syncytial virus derives its middle name.

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