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How can you use “derivatives” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • amino-adamantane derivatives) or bind with high selectivity to one type of NMDA receptor (e.g.

  • This may reflect androgen activity in restoring the glandular structure by promoting postmitotic differentiation [ 48 49 ] . Consistent with this view, androgen administration to intact rats resulted in suppression of prostate epithelial cell proliferation and maintenance of morphological gland integrity [ 50 ] . Based on these findings, we propose that the effects of high doses of androgens on SKP2 and p27 in LNCaP cells described here reflect a differentiation and consolidation effect in vitro . If this is the case, LNCaP cells, despite being highly aneuploid derivatives of a metastatic lesion of an advanced cancer [ 39 ] , may have retained some aspects of the normal biphasic mechanism of androgen control observed in castrated rodents.

  • To further validate our binding results, we performed a competition assay using several agonist derivatives across a range of concentrations (0.

  • Clinically approved Topo I inhibitors, irinotecan and topotecan, are semisynthetic derivatives of CPT that differ from CPT in toxicity profiles and water solubility but not in the mechanisms of action [ 16, 17].

  • marcgraviospsis species for boils and a leaf poultice of Monstera subpinnata for leg pain, as a vesicant and to cauterize wounds [ 15 103 ] . Monstera species accumulate derivatives of caffeic acid [ 102 ] . Monstera pertusa stem fragments were carried in the Antilles as a charm to ward off poisonous snakes, and is applied with cotton to snakebite wounds [ 103 ] .

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