Example sentences for: derivations

How can you use “derivations” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Theirs was a revolution of the imagination, and many of their works continue to present the vigor of that spirit even after three-quarters of a century of pastiches and secondhand derivations, but at the same time they present an unhappy example of wishful thinking.

  • Knocked for a feather meaning `greatly surprised' could be a humorous blend of knocked for a loop and knocked over with a feather , just as fleazy is perhaps a blend of flea and sleazy . To go on a bilge or drinking spree used by three Northern informants is perhaps an alteration of to go on a binge , or perhaps a punning alteration, or perhaps a pronunciation variant, with l substituted for n , as in chimney/chimley . For lack of evidence, all of these derivations are essentially guesses.

  • The surroundings supported both derivations; the ores from the mines supplied red paint, and a type of onion, akin to garlic, grew there.

  • Charts showing the chief languages and their derivations can be found in many dictionaries—inside the front cover of The Random House Unabridged , for example.

  • Under the entry for Howard , therefore, we are given notes on the noble house of that name, along with the possible derivations of the surname.

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