Example sentences for: depends

How can you use “depends” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Indeed it was found that the targeting of tBid to mitochondria-like membranes occurs in the absence of proteins, yet depends upon cardiolipin being in a possibly unique structure as opposed to free cardiolipin [ 9 ] . The requirement for a specific cardiolipin structure that is likely defined by the contact site is consistent with our observation that no gold particles were found in regions stripped of the outer membrane exposing the cardiolipin-rich inner membrane.

  • I realize that opponents of modern evolutionary theory, such as creationists, have often cited these traditional problems to support their conclusion that modern evolutionary theory is wrong; but progress always depends on the consideration of new ideas, and there might be important mechanisms still to be discovered that play a key role in evolution.

  • (As a linguist friend of mine once wearily conceded, Everything depends on the context.)

  • As shown in table 4.2, how much the couple's $4,000 annual contribution adds to national saving that year depends on (1) how much their IRA tax deduction costs the government and (2) whether their contributions represent new saving or were shifted from existing assets.

  • The number of plies of cloth spread at one time depends on the fabric, which, in turn, determines how many are cut at one time.

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