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How can you use “dendritic” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • It is possible that radiation-induced, tumor-infiltrating dendritic cells may facilitate sustained activation and infiltration of the adoptively transferred CD4 +T cells in solid tumors in the combination group.

  • Although the mechanism of the contralateral effect is unclear, we have demonstrated that adoptive transfer of dendritic cells from animals treated with adenovirus-mediated gene transfer of v-IL-10 to untreated immunized animals is able to confer a therapeutic effect (unpublished data).

  • BMPs activate Smad-1 by binding to type I and type II serine-threonine kinase receptors [ 40 41 ] . Specific receptor subunits shown to bind BMPs include BMP receptor type IA (BMPR-IA), BMPR-IB, BMR-II, activin receptor type I (ActR-I), and ActR-II [ 42 43 44 ] . BMP ligands can bind to either type I or type II receptor subunits independently, but both receptor types are required for high-affinity binding and signaling [ 40 ] . The finding that the soluble BMPR-IA-Fc chimera significantly inhibits BMP-5 induced dendritic growth suggests that BMP-5 may be activating the Smad-1 signaling pathway via interactions with BMPR-IA.

  • In fibroblast models, inactivation of Rho causes retraction of pre-formed pseudopods with a resultant deposition of parallel tracks of thin dendritic processes [ 17 ] , a phenotype ultimately resembling that seen in C3 treated HPB-ALL.

  • Over 30 cell lines have been successfully transfected using PEI, including COS-7 cells [ 8], rat hepatocytes [ 3], human dendritic cells [ 9, 10], and mouse mammary epithelial cells [ 11].

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