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How can you use “dem” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • First argued in 1974 by French thinker Marc Dem in his Les Juifs de L'espace , this thesis holds that Jews are ultimately space aliens, and that that explains their, um, difficult history.

  • "Well, sir, when I brung Nellie inter de commissary tent and set her fo' Marse Robert he turned to me right fo' all dem gimmin and he says: 'William, now you have killed Nellie.

  • "It is not my intention to give anti-Semitism any support whatever," wrote Marc Dem, as he argued that Jews were from outer space.

  • There are telltale characteristics, widely if not universally present: the replacement of an initial "th" with a "d" sound ("dis," "dem") and of a medial or final "th" by an "f" or other consonant sound ("with" becomes "wif," "brother" becomes "bruvah"); a reduction of consonant clusters in general (so that "first" becomes "firs" and "hand" becomes "han"); the replacement of a final "r" sound with a vowel sound ("summah" for "summer" and "mo" for "more"); the prevalence of so-called plosive consonants (making a word such as "bill" sound more like "beel"); the placement of stress on a first, rather than a second, syllable ("DEE-troit"); the disappearance of the final "s" from third-person singular verbs ("what go 'round, come 'round"); the dropping of the copula ("I here," "the coffee cold") and of certain tense inflections altogether.

  • An when He saleep, plenty palava start for dis place wey dem call Hebben.

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