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  • Several of the SBHMs that are specific to the bacterial DDRPs show degradation of the "waist"-like loop of the first internal repeat.

  • The evidence of an evolutionary relationship between the core catalytic domains of the RDRPs and the DDRPs has implications for the origin of the former group of proteins.

  • The β' subunit of bacterial DDRPs contains a single Zn-ribbon at the N-terminus (region 56-81 of Thermus β' subunit; Fig.

  • Taken together, all these observations point to a scenario for the origin of the RDRP, under which the RDRPs and the YRHs diverged from the DDRPs at a stage of evolution that succeeded the divergence of the DPBB domains of the β and β' subunits (Fig.

  • The RDRPs of RNA viruses define one major lineage of nucleic acid polymerases, which additionally includes reverse transcriptases, archaeo-eukaryotic DNA polymerases, and nucleotide cyclases [ 8 9 10 11 12 13 ] . The DNA-dependent RNA polymerase of certain bacteriophages, such as T7, and the archaeo-eukaryotic primase (also detected in some bacteria) are divergent derivatives of the same fold [ 11 14 ] . The core catalytic domain of all these enzymes, the so-called "palm" domain, has an RNA-recognition motif (RRM)-like fold with strategically placed metal-coordinating residues, which form the active site [ 11 15 16 ] . In contrast, bacterial DnaG-type primases (also present in archaea and some eukaryotes) contain a polymerase domain of the Rossmann-like TOPRIM fold, which is shared with topoisomerases and OLD-family nucleases [ 17 18 19 ] . The recently solved structures of the DDRPs from yeast and the thermophilic bacterium Thermus thermophilus indicate that the β' subunit (according to the subunit nomenclature of Escherichia coli DDRP, which we hereinafter employ to designate all orthologs of the respective E. coli subunits) of these enzymes defines another distinct catalytic scaffold, which is unrelated to any of the above template-dependent RNA polymerases [ 20 21 22 23 24 ] . Additionally, the structural and evolutionary affinities of two other template-dependent RNA polymerases, namely RDRPs involved in PTGS [ 25 26 27 ] and primases of herpesviruses [ 28 ] , remain obscure.

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