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  • Interestingly, the PSI-BLAST searches started with the sequences of the RDRP module of the RDRPs and the YRH proteins consistently retrieved the β' subunits of DDRPs, albeit at statistically not significant E-values.

  • The evidence of an evolutionary relationship between the core catalytic domains of the RDRPs and the DDRPs has implications for the origin of the former group of proteins.

  • While we provide evidence that the catalytic cores of the RDRPs, their bacteriophage homologs and the DDRPs evolved from a common ancestor, the provenance of the rest of the conserved RDRP module and, accordingly, the evolutionary scenario for RDRP remain less clear.

  • Evidence is presented that the ultimate ancestor of RNA polymerases might have been a RNA-binding DPBB domain, which functioned as a cofactor for a polymerase ribozyme, and that subsequent evolution of DDRPs and RDRPs proceeded via accretion of various simple modules, such as the sandwich-barrel hybrid motif domain, around this conserved core.

  • Taken together, these observations suggest that, although RDRPs and the β' subunits of DDRPs show limited sequence similarity, these two RNA polymerase families share a homologous catalytic domain, which consists of a double-psi-β-barrel containing the metal-coordinating DbDGD motif.

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