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  • The ancestral versions of these domains would not have the adaptations for specific roles possessed by their descendant forms, such as those in extant DDRP or RDRP, and probably functioned as generic RNA-binding and protein-protein interaction domains, with the specificity conferred by catalytic RNA molecules.

  • In contrast, the DPBBs detected in DDRP subunits are universally present in all modern life forms and hence are traceable to LUCA.

  • Nevertheless, DDRP is one of the most conserved enzymes, which is represented, without exception, in all cellular life forms [ 31 32 ] . The DDRP complex from most organisms consists of 5 to 15 polypeptides.

  • Thus, it appears likely that the ancestral DDRP evolved from the coalescence of at least 3 distinct domains: i) the DPBB that probably originally bound RNA and, subsequently, segregated into the cores of the β' subunit, where it acquired the metal-coordinating active site, and of the β subunit, with the two lysines projecting into the catalytic cleft (Fig.

  • The universal presence of the SBHM inserted in the DPBB domain of the DDRP β-subunit suggests that this domain was already present in the common ancestor of all extant DDRPs.

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