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  • Although the cores of the two DDRP subunits are homologous and are likely to have evolved from a common ancestor (see discussion below), they have completely different sets of conserved residues and contribute distinct moieties to the catalytic cleft (Figs.

  • In fact, it appears likely that the ancestral protein RNA polymerase, at the time of the differentiation of the β-type and β'-type DPBB domains, functioned as an RDRP because DNA probably had not evolved by that stage [ 96 ] . The switch of the ancestral enzyme to the DDRP activity and the emergence of the evolutionary precursor of RDRP might be tentatively linked to one another and associated with the advent of DNA.

  • While all bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes encode orthologs of at least four distinct subunits of DDRP, the divergent RNA polymerases of baculoviruses and yeast killer plasmids and the Corynebacterium Cgl1702 protein only contain counterparts to the β and β' subunits.

  • Using the experimentally determined structure as a guide, we split the β and β' subunits of the Thermus thermophilus DDRP and the largest two subunits of the yeast DDRP into individual globular domains and investigated them by visual inspection of the topology, structural searches of the PDB database using the DALI program and iterative searches of the NR database using PSI-BLAST.

  • Of these, four subunits, which correspond to the bacterial α, β, β' and ω, are universally present in all cellular DDRPs and constitute the conserved DDRP core [ 7 ] . Orthologs of the β and β' subunits are also encoded in the genomes of several families of large eukaryotic DNA viruses [ 33 34 35 ] . Biochemical studies have shown that the catalytic site of DDRP resides in the β' subunit and contains three invariant aspartates that coordinate a Mg 2+cation [ 22 23 24 36 ] . Recent structural analyses demonstrated that the core of DDRP is assembled around the β and β' subunits, which interact with each other to form a positively charged nucleic-acid-binding cleft.

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