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  • The one system where diapause has been well elucidated, dauer formation in the nematode C. elegans , indicates that the insulin pathway plays an important role [ 34 ] . Recent work on mutant Drosophila that mimic reproductive diapause in adults also suggests a role for insulin [ 35 36 ] . Insulin, which regulates growth in other stages of development in Drosophila [ 37 38 ] , may therefore play a similar role during A. pisum diapause.

  • Presumably, neurons require α-synuclein for their normal function and thus cannot simply dispense with this protein that has toxic properties, although mice in which the α- synuclein gene is knocked out have no obvious deficits (see Dauer and Przedborski [2003] for discussion).

  • Other topics where bioinformatics analysis of available ESTs can improve current knowledge of Meloidogyne molecular biology include the identification of secreted and transmembrane proteins through secretion signal sequence detection [ 77 ] , the creation of a more accurate codon usage/bias and amino-acid usage tables [ 78 ] , the identification of conserved genes and pathways used in dauer/infective stages across nematode species [ 79 ] , the definition and study of nematode-specific domains [ 55 ] , and improved phylogenies based on sampling from multiple genes [ 53 ] .

  • C. elegans . The presence of glyoxylate pathway enzymes in Meloidogyne L2 provides experimental support for the model describing this larval stage as the functional equivalent of the C. elegans dauer larva [ 41 ] . These ESTs and their corresponding cDNA clones will be useful reagents for the further study of the glyoxylate pathway in different stages of the Meloidogyne life cycle.

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