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  • The control viruses, HSV-2 6757 and HSV-1 PAA r5, demonstrated mutator or antimutator phenotypes, respectively, in the tk mutagenesis assay, but not in the non-HSV DNA mutagenesis assay.

  • HSV-1 strain SC16 (wild type laboratory virus), HSV-2 SB5 (wild type laboratory virus), HSV-2 6652 (wild type clinical virus), HSV-2 83D (wild type clinical virus), HSV-2 6757 (high error mutant clinical virus) were described previously [ 21 ] and the HSV-1 PAA r5 (antimutator laboratory virus) utilized in this study was a kind gift of D. Coen (Harvard University, Boston, MA) [ 10 ] . HP66 (HSV-1 genome containing a LacZ insertion within the pol coding region) viral DNA was kindly provided by D. Coen (Harvard University, Boston, MA) [ 17 ] . HP66 viral stocks were prepared by transfecting HP66 viral DNA into PolB3 cells, which allow for virus propagation by expressing the viral polymerase.

  • The presence of an antimutator phenotype with this viral polymerase in the tk mutagenesis assay was not apparent when using the non-HSV DNA mutagenesis assay, and therefore phenotype-labelling may be dependent upon both the assay method and/or the target gene.

  • Thus, classification of a pol gene as mutator (HSV-2 6757) or antimutator (PAA r5) is not a general characteristic, but is likely dependent upon the assay method and target gene.

  • Recombinant viruses were successfully obtained for all pols except wild type HSV-1 SC16 and the low error rate or antimutator HSV-1 PAA r5 [ 10 ] . The pol -recombinant viruses were plaque-purified and the pol genes completely sequenced along with those of their parental viruses to confirm the recombination event.

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