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  • A recent study has suggested that tumor-specific, CD4 +T cells can exert anti-tumor effects by inhibiting angiogenesis via release of IFN-γ [ 11 ] . Thus, the "white" tumors noted in the current study may be indicative of angiogenic inhibition by the infiltrating tumor-specific, CD4 +T cells, and such inhibition may be relevant to the observed efficacy.

  • Transcriptional inhibitors block this in vitro tube formation, suggesting that the angiogenesis requires EC activation and gene expression [ 8 9 ] . Indeed, a recent review describes approaches used to identify such angiogenesis-related genes [ 10 ] . Although many angiogenesis-related soluble factors, ECM components, and intracellular signaling pathways have been identified and elucidated, their subsequent targets and their mode of action still remain to be determined.

  • Over-expression of iNOS and VEGF could induce angiogenesis in tumors.

  • The subsequent angiogenesis give rise to one small artery that will vascularise the whole tumour.

  • TSP-1 is a homotrimeric multidomain glycoprotein synthesized and secreted by numerous cell types, including platelets, vascular smooth muscle cells and keratinocytes [ 4 ] . Due to its interaction with a wide variety of proteins, TSP-1 has been implicated in a number of biological processes including coagulation, cell adhesion, the modulation of cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, control of tumor growth and metastasis, and angiogenesis [ 10 ] . Inhibition of tumor cell proliferation has been achieved in vivo by systemic treatment with TSP-1 peptide mimetics [ 11 ] , but a correlation between primary tumor TSP-1 expression and poor prognosis has not been clearly established [ 12 ] . While there are reports that these molecules can originate from tumor cells [ 13 ] , the majority of reports have suggested that the major source of both TSP-1 and OPN is tumor-associated stroma [ 14 ] or infiltrating macrophages and lymphocytes [ 15 ] .

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