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  • A variety of amino-terminal fusions maintain enzymatic activity (or produce enzymatically active breakdown products) including those fused to codon 12 of NPT [ 48 49 50 51 52 ] . Moreover, selection of resistant cell clones requires only minimal levels of Neo gene expression [ 53 ] . Still, genes providing the appropriate introns are expected to provide larger targets for gene trap mutagenesis than genes lacking such introns.

  • A longer sequence in the defining set might make a slightly higher-scoring profile by the addition of a few carboxy- or amino-terminal residues, but only at the risk of missing slightly shorter members of the set when the profile is used to search the databases.

  • The boundaries of each domain were defined by the last highly conserved residues of the amino-terminal domain and the early highly conserved residues of the carboxy-terminal domain.

  • The hepadnaviral P protein possesses many unique features relative to the better studied reverse transcriptases of the retroviruses: (i) it uses its own amino-terminal domain as a protein primer for initiation of DNA synthesis [ 7, 9, 10], (ii) it cannot be isolated in an active form from virions without partial proteolysis or denaturation [ 13, 14, 15], and (iii) under normal circumstances it is active only on the endogenous pregenomic RNA that is encapsidated with it in the viral cores [ 16].

  • The crystal structure shows that the PRC-barrel domain mediates a contact with the amino-terminal cytoplasmic peptide of the PRC-M subunit and also makes contacts with the other structurally less ordered regions of the PRC-H polypeptide [ 14, 15] (Figure 1).

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