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How can you use “altering” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • In order to improve the success at post-pyloric placement, modifications have been made to the feeding tubes, including lengthening the tube, altering the configuration and profile of the tip, and adding various types of weights [ 34 37 38 ] . Innovative methods of placement have been described that include using industrial magnets, bedside sonography, fiberoptics through the tube, gastric insufflation, and electrocardiogram-guided placement [ 33 37 38 39 40 ] . Prokinetic agents have also been used to improve the likelihood of trans-pyloric passage of the feeding tube [ 35 39 40 41 42 ] . The number of variations and modifications of the blind bedside technique attest to the fact that none is ideal.

  • Most previous attempts to establish an organotypic culture model of axonal growth on CNS white matter have failed because it was not possible to obtain attachment of neurons to white matter without enzymatically altering the substrate [ 31] or treating with neurotrophins [ 31, 32] or conditioned medium [ 33].

  • Under certain culture conditions, such as those described in Figs 2, 3, 4, 5, approximately 1/20, or 50 μl of the media volume was removed periodically and replaced, in order to allow analysis at strategic time points without significantly altering the evolving culture conditions.

  • , less than 100 nM) can selectively suppress HIV-1 transcript elongation without altering cellular transcripts in cell types of various lineages, including podocytes [ 7 29 30 ] . Cyclin D 1 transcript levels were followed before, during, and after treatment of confluent wild-type or HIV-1 infected podocytes with 50 nM flavopiridol, a dose that suppresses HIV-1 transcription by 70% [ 7 ] . Analysis of HIV-1, cyclin D 1 , and glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (G3PDH) transcript levels in podocytes treated with flavopiridol for 2 days, followed by drug washout for 1 day, showed that cyclin D 1 expression paralleled HIV-1 expression in infected podocytes before, during and after suppression of HIV-1 genes (Figure 4).

  • The Neo 3' splice site contains a potential branch point sequence, and the sequence (CAGG) across the intron-exon boundary is optimal according to the scanning model of 3' splice site selection [ 54 55 ] . The Neo site differs from the typical 3' splice site in that it lacks a polypyrimidine tract; however, this feature is often missing from alternative splice sites [ 56 ] . Both the A of the branch point and the intron-terminal AG dinucleotide are considered invariant; therefore, one may be able to enhance the mutagenic efficiency of U3Neo vectors by altering these nucleotides.

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