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  • - ALS : Anterolateral system

  • Better late than never (F) Mieux vaut tard que jamais ; (G) Besser spat als nie ; (R) \?\; (S) Más vale tarde que nunca .

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is an age-dependent neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive motoneuron degeneration, skeletal muscle atrophy, paralysis and death [ 1 2 3 ] . Although clinically indistinguishable, the majority of cases are sporadic (SALS) and approximately 10 % are due to inherited causes (familial ALS or FALS).

  • Mutational Analysis of TMOD2 for ALS5 and TMOD4 for LGMD1B

  • Mutant SOD1 causes dysfunction and structural damage of mitochondria in cultured neuronal cells [ 18 19 20 ] and at early disease stages in mutant SOD1 transgenic mice [ 21 22 ] . Human ALS also shows mitochondrial damage, dysfunction and loss [ 23 24 ] . The mechanism whereby mutant SOD1 causes mitochondrial damage has not been determined, but recent evidence shows that mutant SOD1 is imported into mitochondria [ 21 25 26 ] , and this mitochondrial localization may cause direct damage to mitochondria and induce cell death [ 27 ] . Consistent with this possibility, previous work suggested that mitochondrial vacuolation was developed from expansion of the intermembrane space [ 17 ] . However, the possibility that the vacuoles represent autophagic vacuolation has not been ruled out, because the source of the vacuolar membrane was not known.

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