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  • (3)(A) In addition to allowances allocated pursuant to paragraph (1) and section 412(a) as basic Phase II allowance allocations, at the election of the designated representative of the operating company, beginning January 1, 2000, and for each calendar year thereafter until and including 2009, the Administrator shall allocate annually for each unit subject to the emissions limitation requirements of paragraph (1) allowances from the reserve created pursuant to subsection (a)(2) in an amount equal to the amount by which (i) the product of the lesser of 0.60 lbs/mmBtu or the unit's allowable 1985 emissions rate multiplied by the unit's baseline adjusted to reflect operation at a 60 percent capacity factor, divided by 2,000, exceeds (ii) the number of allowances allocated for the unit pursuant to paragraph (1) and section 403(a)(1) as basic Phase II allowance allocations.

  • Incentives (budget allocations) placed on input rather than output measures led to a level of medical infrastructure that has been difficult to maintain given current levels of funding available for the health sector.

  • In addition, given GAO's impressive results and return on investment, it only makes sense for GAO to receive resource allocations that are well above average for other federal entities.

  • (B) For each year 2008 through 2058, if the Administrator has not promulgated the regulationsdetermining allocations under paragraph (a)(1), and has not promulgated the regulations under section 403(b) providing for the transfer of nitrogen oxides allowances and section 403(c) establishing the Allowance Tracking System for nitrogen oxides allowances, by July 1 that is eighteen months before January 1 of such year, then it shall be unlawful for any affected EGU in the Zone 1 States to emit nitrogen oxides during such year in excess of 0.14 lb/mmBtu.

  • As the main hypothesis of interest is that the change in the nature of competition was associated with changes in hospital resource allocations, the model we hypothesize allows the marginal effects of market and hospital characteristics (X t ) on resource allocation (Y t ), as measured by the coefficients in a regression model (β t ), to vary over time:

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