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  • Streptococcus mutans in which DCP is inactive do not initiate growth at below pH 6.5 and make glycerol LTA without D-alanine [ 14 ] . In the DCP active strains, soluble D-Alanyl LTA is extruded into culture fluid in vitro [ 16 17 ] or plaque in vivo [ 18 ] . The D-alanyl esters are stable at pH 6.0 at 37°C, but hydrolyze to free D-alanine and LTA with a half-life of 3.9 h at pH 8.0 [ 19 ] . Healthy gingival sulci have a pH of 6.5 - 7.5 and inflamed sulci a pH of 7.5-8.

  • The odds ratio for a serum from a high antibody responder immunoprecipitating D-alanyl LTA was 14 times greater than for a low responder.

  • An increased mutans streptococcal challenge accompanying low plaque pH (high antibody response to D-alanyl LTA) allows much of the variation in caries experience to be controlled by water fluoridation and by the use of fluoridated dentrifices associated with maintaining oral health.

  • IgG antibody content was measured by enzyme-immunoassay employing a Fast Assay Screening Test System at room temperature [ 28 ] . Pegs protruding from a lid were placed over a 96-well plate or trough containing 14 ml of 10 μg/ml D-alanyl LTA in acetate buffer pH 5 for 2 h (Becton Dickinson, Lincoln Park, NJ).

  • About 30% of young adults have serum IgG antibodies that precipitate with D-alanyl LTA, but not with D-alanine-free LTA [ 17 21 ] . It is likely that plaques induce these IgG antibodies from gingival sulci that contain more acid-tolerant bacteria.

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