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How can you use “affinities” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Finally, possible side effects of neuroleptics, such as urinary retention, may be predicted from binding studies using human brain tissue [ 12 ] if antimuscarinic affinities will correspond to antimuscarinic effects on the bladder.

  • Competition binding studies indicated that the antagonists naltrexone, SKF 10047 and WIN 44,441 had binding affinities (K i ) in nanomolar range and the two weakest agonists, xorphanol and cyclazocine bound the receptor with the highest affinities.

  • Ligands that showed very low potencies or low enough efficacies to be tested for antagonistic effect were further characterized for their binding affinities at δ opioid receptors.

  • Furthermore, depending on their binding affinities and electrophysiological properties, the mammalian toxins are sub-classified into α- and β- toxins [ 7 8 ] , and the insect-specific toxins are subdivided into excitatory, depressant and α- insect toxins [ 9 ] . Several toxins which specifically affect sodium and potassium channels have been extensively studied with respect to their structure, mode of action and pharmacological properties [ 4 6 10 ] . In addition to the two main groups of toxins, several other toxins targeted toward Ca 2+ [ 5 ] and Cl - [ 11 ] channels have also been isolated during the past decade.

  • Both non-neuronally derived trypsin inhibitors tested yielded results different from that of PN-1 suggesting they possess different protease specificities, affinities, or functions.

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