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  • It has previously been shown that phosphorylation of the RARγ2 AF-1 is indispensable for primitive endoderm differentiation [ 59].

  • In blocking experiments, cells were preincubated with either a TGFβ 1 -RII-blocking antibody (R&D Systems # AF-241-NA, 15 μg/ml for 30 min), α V and β 6 -blocking antibodies (Santa Cruz, sc-6617 and sc-6632 respectively, 1:100 each for 30 min), or the MEK1 inhibitor PD98059 (New England Biolabs # 9900S, 7.5 ng/ml for 10 min) before stimulation with mature TGFβ 1 .

  • A number of RXR heterodimer complexes have been categorized as either permissive or non-permissive based on their responses to RXR ligands [ 1 ] . Although there are some reported discrepancies, the PPAR, FXR and NGF-IB/NURR1 complexes are generally considered permissive, while the non-permissive group includes the RAR, TR and VDR complexes (see [ 2 3 4 5 6 7 ] ). In the permissive complexes, coactivators can presumably bind to the AF-2 surface of both partners and binding to the RXR partner is stimulated by rexinoid agonists.

  • Preliminary evidence suggests preferred ligands for PPAR activation are 18 C and 20 C FAs, as FAs shorter than 14 C or longer than 20 C will not fit correctly into the PPAR binding pocket and stabilize the AF-2 helix [ 17 ] . The net effect would be that PPAR co-activators are not recruited to relax nucleosomal DNA and allow transcription machinery to interact with various promoter elements.

  • RIP140, Hairless and DAX possess NR boxes that interact with AF-2 [ 11 13 19 ] and these corepressors act as negative regulators of the activity of the liganded NR.

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