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  • Previously we characterized another RARα mutant in which the receptor protein was truncated after amino acid 403, thereby deleting the AF-2 domain [ 11 ] . This truncated receptor exhibited similar properties to the S77A mutant (growth inhibition and repression of RA responsive gene expression including EGFR).

  • ERβ Interactions with N-CoR are Dependent on AF-2 and require H12

  • These cofactors interact with nuclear receptors in a ligand-dependent manner and enhance transcriptional activation via histone acetylation/methylation and recruitment of additional cofactors such as CBP/p300 [ 89 ] . CBP/p300 has been implicated in the functions of a large number of regulated transcription factors based primarily on physical interaction and the ability to potentiate transcription when overexpressed [ 90 ] . In the case of nuclear receptors, the interaction with CBP/p300 is ligand-dependent and relies on the conserved nuclear receptor functional domain, AF-2 (activation function 2).

  • Thus, ERβ interactions with N-CoR are dependent on the AF-2 surface (including H12) and, in this regard, resemble those of ERβ and GRIP1.

  • The fact that the mode of ERβ interaction with N-CoR resembles that of NRs with coactivators [ 4 ] , or with corepressors that modulate the activity of liganded NR complexes, such as RIP140 [ 10 ] , raises the possibility that ERβ may be able to recruit N-CoR and SMRT to estrogen-regulated promoters in response to agonists and that the balance of overall ERβ activity in the presence of estrogens may be regulated by competition between p160s and corepressors for the same ERβ AF-2 surface.

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