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  • The fact that the mode of ERβ interaction with N-CoR resembles that of NRs with coactivators [ 4 ] , or with corepressors that modulate the activity of liganded NR complexes, such as RIP140 [ 10 ] , raises the possibility that ERβ may be able to recruit N-CoR and SMRT to estrogen-regulated promoters in response to agonists and that the balance of overall ERβ activity in the presence of estrogens may be regulated by competition between p160s and corepressors for the same ERβ AF-2 surface.

  • NRs consist of three domains, the N-terminal domain (which contains a context-specific activation function AF-1), the central DNA binding domain (DBD) and the C-terminal ligand binding domain (LBD), which contains a hormone-dependent activation function, AF-2.

  • In blocking experiments, cells were preincubated with either a TGFβ 1 -RII-blocking antibody (R&D Systems # AF-241-NA, 15 μg/ml for 30 min), α V and β 6 -blocking antibodies (Santa Cruz, sc-6617 and sc-6632 respectively, 1:100 each for 30 min), or the MEK1 inhibitor PD98059 (New England Biolabs # 9900S, 7.5 ng/ml for 10 min) before stimulation with mature TGFβ 1 .

  • AF-2 Activation function 2

  • The LBD utilizes a large hydrophobic cleft composed of residues along H3 and H5 to bind IDs [ 17 ] , and a smaller hydrophobic cleft that is composed of residues in the upper part of H3 and H5 and H12 (and corresponds to AF-2) to bind NR boxes [ 18 ] . Thus, agonists promote coregulator exchange by promoting the packing of H12 over the lower part of the ID binding region, an event that simultaneously completes the coactivator binding surface.

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