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  • A number of RXR heterodimer complexes have been categorized as either permissive or non-permissive based on their responses to RXR ligands [ 1 ] . Although there are some reported discrepancies, the PPAR, FXR and NGF-IB/NURR1 complexes are generally considered permissive, while the non-permissive group includes the RAR, TR and VDR complexes (see [ 2 3 4 5 6 7 ] ). In the permissive complexes, coactivators can presumably bind to the AF-2 surface of both partners and binding to the RXR partner is stimulated by rexinoid agonists.

  • The fact that the mode of ERβ interaction with N-CoR resembles that of NRs with coactivators [ 4 ] , or with corepressors that modulate the activity of liganded NR complexes, such as RIP140 [ 10 ] , raises the possibility that ERβ may be able to recruit N-CoR and SMRT to estrogen-regulated promoters in response to agonists and that the balance of overall ERβ activity in the presence of estrogens may be regulated by competition between p160s and corepressors for the same ERβ AF-2 surface.

  • In other cases, however, the balance of coactivator and corepressor recruitment is regulated by direct competition for the AF-2 surface, rather than ligand-dependent coregulator exchange.

  • Moreover, other mutations in the upper part of the H3-H5 region that comprises the AF-2 surface (D303Y, I310R and K314A on H3; V328R and L331R on H5) abolished ERβ interaction with both cofactors.

  • This sequence does not exactly conform to the LXXLL consensus, but contains features (underlined) that resemble the ERβ H12 region (L L LE ML ), and artificial ERβ interacting LXXLL peptides (293, P NLIS LLS ; D47, PL LLS LLS ), both of which bind to the ERβ AF-2 surface [ 43 44 45 46 47 ] . Moreover, the presence of a proline residue amino-terminal to the hydrophobic groups is typical of so-called class II LXXLL motifs which are found in ERβ interacting cofactors such as TRAP220 and RIP140 [ 45 ] . Finally, the unusual C-terminal hydrophobic pair (ML) has been observed in ERα and ERβ H12 [ 43 44 48 ] , and in RIP140 NR boxes [ 19 ] .

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