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  • Ecto-Nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolases (E-NTPDases, formerly called ecto-ATPases) hydrolyze nucleotides in the presence of divalent cations and are insensitive to inhibitors of P-type, F-type, and V-type ATPases [ 1 ] . Three isoforms that differ in the ratio of ATPase/ADPase activity are present on the cell surface [ 2 ] : E-NTPDase1 with a ratio of 1, E-NTPDase2 with a ratio of 10 and E-NTPDase3 with a ratio of 3-5.

  • E174 in ACR3 and S218 in ACR4 are required for catalytic function [ 12 ] . Substitution of H59 in ACR1 converted CD39 into an ADPase in a quaternary structure dependent manner [ 13 ] . Mutation of W187A in ACR3 affected CD39 folding and translocation, while mutation of W459A in ACR5 increased ATPase activity but diminished ADPase activity [ 14 ] . Mutations of D62 and G64 of ACR1 and D219 and G221 of ACR4 demonstrated that the nucleotide phosphate binding domains of NTPDases are similar to those present in the actin/heat shock protein/sugar kinase superfamily [ 15 ] . These results suggest that the conserved residues of the ACR1 to 5 regions are involved in the catalytic mechanism of CD39.

  • The changes of D62 on ACR1, E174 on ACR3, D213 (D219 in HB6) and S218 on ACR4 dramatically decrease both ATPase and ADPase activities of CD39 [ 12 15 ] . Figure 7summarizes the possible coordination of Ca 2+from the data of species T, species D1, and species D2 in the different situations of sCD39 catalysis.

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