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  • Because reciprocal exchange accompanies more than half of all gene conversions at the ade6 locus [ 34 35 ] , the rec12 mutants must also have a reduced number of reciprocal exchanges in the vicinity of

  • Earlier, hnt2 deletion was reported to increase AppppN levels only 2.5-fold but the study was performed in ade2 mutants [ 13 ] . Consistent with that report, the three hnt2 ade2 strains showed only a 2-fold higher AppppN level than the three HNT2 ade2 strains, when nucleotide levels were averaged across the three time points.

  • In science class I learned the planets, by distance from the sun (“ M ary V ery E arly M ade J ane S ome U nusually N ice P ies”--Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto ), and the functions of living things (“Sensible M otorists R efrain F rom D riving A utomobiles A t E xcessive R ates”--sensation, movement, respiration, food-taking, digestion, absorption, assimilation, excretion, reproduction).

  • The highly transformable S. cerevisiae strain VL6-48N ( MATalpha, his3-Δ200, trp1-Δ1 , ura3-Δ1 , lys2 , ade2-101, met14 ), which has HIS3 and URA3 deletions, was used for transformation.

  • All tab mutants are in the W303 background in which the ade2-1 mutation makes colonies red after adenine in the growth medium has been depleted.

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