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  • The cell surface expressed integrins can control this process by physically interacting with the extracellular matrix proteins and other cell surface proteins on endothelial cells lining the blood vessel wall [ 1 ] . These integrins signal adhesion and migration by communicating with several tyrosine kinases inside the cell, including the Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) and Src family kinases [ 1 2 ] . Src kinases control the activation of FAK, as well as the tyrosine phosphorylation of critical substrates that regulate adhesion and migration [ 3 ] . Indeed, colon cancer cells with high metastatic potential have elevated levels of Src activity or activating mutations in the Src gene [ 4 5 ] . One Src substrate that is involved in regulating an important signaling node in this process is the adaptor protein p130 cas (Cas) [ 6 7 8 9 10 ] . Cas appears to play a central role in the transformation process by several oncogenes including ras, ornithine decarboxylase (ODC), v-Src, v-crk, and Bcr-Abl, as these tumors all have elevated levels of tyrosine phosphorylated Cas [ 6 11 12 13 ] . Cells from mice that lack Cas have much reduced migration and are resistant to transformation by v-Src, while expression of Cas anti-sense RNA in cells transformed with ras, v-Src or ODC result in reversion of the transformed phenotype [ 11 14 15 ] . Furthermore, increased expression of Cas can rescue cell migration and adhesion in cells expressing the tumor suppressor PTEN, and can enhance cell migration and adhesion in normal cells, with a major role being played by the substrate domain [ 16 17 ] .

  • Typically (for data coming from an external data source) these consist of two Java classes: a dialog box and the adaptor itself.

  • If a specific data adaptor is not provided among the arguments in the initial request, then the DataLoader will bring up a dialog box (org.bdgp.swing.widget.DataAdapterChooser) to allow the user to select an adaptor for an external data source (or sink).

  • The adaptor protein Cas has several domains that are important for its function, an SH3 domain, a central substrate domain with up to 15 tyrosines that can serve as tyrosine kinase substrates for upstream kinases such as Src and Abl [ 19 42 43 ] , and a C-terminal Src binding domain with PXXP motifs for binding to the SH3 domain of Src, and two tyrosines providing docking sites for the Src SH2 domain upon phosphorylation [ 6 ] . The substrate domain of Cas has two major types of tyrosine motifs that can be phosphorylated and bind downstream effectors, YQXP (4 copies) and YDXP motifs (9 copies), suggesting that at least two classes of downstream effectors, one capable of binding to YDXP motifs and the other capable of binding to YQXP motifs, are assembled by this adaptor protein.

  • Both MTR10 (TAB1 ) and SRP1 belong to the nuclear transport receptor/adaptor family (reviewed by [ 38 ] ). Mutant srp1-31 and mtr10 tab 1-1cells accumulate the ribosomal protein Rpb11b in the nucleus [ 39 ] . Thus, to evaluate a potential link between nuclear transport and the tab phenotype, we evaluated the localization of Rpl11b-GFP [ 39 ] in all tab mutants.

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