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How can you use “adaptors” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • One microliter of sample was added to 24 μl PCR master mix prepared using the reagents supplied in the kit, and cycling conditions commenced as follows: 75°C for 5 min to extend the adaptors; 94°C for 25 sec; and 27 cycles at 94°C for 10 sec, 66°C for 30 sec, and 72°C for 1.5 min.

  • We recognize a need for additional adaptors to read other variants of GFF (particularly that generated by Artemis), and GenBank and EMBL flat-file entries.

  • Cas is a protein which migrates with an apparent mass of approximately 130 kDa, with a N-terminal SH3 domain, a central substrate domain (SD) with up to 15 tyrosines which can be phosphorylated, a C-terminal region with a proline-rich region, and two tyrosine phosphorylation sites capable of binding Src kinases (Src binding domain (SBD)) [ 6 18 ] . The latter SBD domain regulates the ability of Src to activate the serum response element, as well as in the phosphorylation of the SD of Cas by Src [ 18 19 20 ] . The substrate domain controls adhesion and migration and the majority of the tyrosines within this domain are of the sequence YQXP (5) or YDXP (10), which when phosphorylated, bind to the adaptors c-crk, nck and AND-34 [ 16 21 22 23 ] . The importance of these molecules in Cas function is unclear, however c-crk seems to be critical in the regulation of adhesion and migration mediated by Cas.

  • Amplified products were diluted 10-fold in sterile water and 1 μl of diluted primary PCR products were added to 24 μl of secondary PCR master mix containing nested primers, 1 and 2R, to ensure specific amplification of double-stranded templates containing both adaptors.

  • Signals are initiated by tyrosine phosphorylation of upstream effectors that recruit these adaptors to assemble larger protein complexes by bringing downstream effectors to the distinct cellular compartments for activation.

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