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  • Of the species examined to date three have only a single subunit A gene detected, the alga Coleochaete scutata, sugar beet ( Beta vulgarise [ 63 64 ] , and A. thaliana [ 25 ] . Flowering plants shown to have at least two subunit A genes include oat ( Avena sativa ), carrot ( Daucus carota ), tobacco ( Nicotiana tabacum ), tomato ( Lycopersicon esculentum ), cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum ), magnolia ( Magnolia virginana ), Hydrastis canadensis, Chenopodium rubrum, and clematis ( Clematis liguisticfolio ). In addition, the unicellular alga Acetabularia acetabulum has two V-ATPase subunit A genes.

  • A third class of myosins (XIII) is composed of two algal myosins from Acetabularia cliftonii.

  • The catalytic subunit exists as two distinct genes with highly conserved exons and intron boundaries in twelve species of plants [ 25 ] . In the flowering plant Daucus carota (carrot) evidence exists for two distinct isoforms for the catalytic subunit, one of which is tonoplast specific while the other is localized to the Golgi [ 26 ] . In addition, two distinct mRNAs have been isolated from cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum ) [ 27 ] . Two subunit A mRNAs are expressed in the unicellular alga Acetabularia acetabulum [ 28 29 ] . Isoforms of other V-ATPase subunits are also known from plants including subunit B [ 27 30 32 ] , the proteolipid subunit [ 33 34 35 36 37 ] and subunits D and E [ 38 ] .

  • Myosins from another alga, Acetabularia cliftonii, are classified into a separate group (XIII) and one myosin each from the fungi Emericella nidulans and Pyricularia grisea are also assigned to a separate class (XVII).

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