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  • Newly assigned GenBank Accession numbers for these sequences are AF199491 ( mNoc ), AF199492 ( hNoc , genomic fragment), AF199493 ( hNo c, RT-PCR product), AF199494 ( hNoc , EST T87026), AF199495 ( rNoc , 5' RACE product), AF199496 (

  • Sequences defined by annotation of previously available sequences were submitted to the Third Party Annotation database under accession numbers BK001053-BK001057 and BK001326-BK001332.

  • If a reference transcript record had been associated with the EPK, the accession (minus the version number) of the reference transcript was chosen as the interim name for the EPK.

  • The residues in the MIDAS motifs lie on three closely apposed loops located on the upper edge of the β-sheet, where they form the metal-binding site, with oxygen atoms in the aspartate, serine and threonine residues coordinating the metal ion [ 9 ] . In integrin α2β1, which is a collagen receptor, the metal-binding site also binds the collagen ligand through the conserved glutamate in a GFOGER motif (O = hydroxyproline) completing the coordination sphere of the metal [ 28 ] . In vivo, the binding of collagen at this site appears to be regulated through a conformational shift in which the loops forming the MIDAS site change from a closed to an open conformation [ 29 30 31 ] . Other proteins containing a domain with all three MIDAS motifs include the D-subunit of magnesium chelatase [ 32 ] , Ca-activated chloride-channel protein [ 33 34 ] , nitrate reductase (accession AAC79447), and the D subunit of nitric oxide reductase (accession AAC45374).

  • The genomic structures of SLC15A1 (accession number U21936) and GPC5 (accession number U66033) were determined by direct comparison of their full-length cDNA with the sequence of human chromosome 13 genomic clones retrieved from the GenBank htgs database http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/by BLASTN searching.

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