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How can you use “accessibility” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Because we prioritized accessibility and the ability to log in rapidly, we did not use usernames and passwords to track individual students.

  • It has been demonstrated that malignant tissues with accelerated cell cycle show higher levels of ProTα expression than normal or surrounding healthy tissues [ 67 ] . ProTα was shown as a marker for breast cancer [ 68 ] , hepatocarcinoma [ 69 ] , and plasma levels of its derivative Tα 1 been proposed as a marker for the prognosis of lung cancer [ 70 ] . In ligand blotting assays, ProTα bound only to chromatin pools and nuclear fractions where histone H1 was present [ 71 72 ] . The analysis of the interaction of ProTα with H1-containing chromatin suggests a putative role for ProTα in the fine-tuning of the stoichiometry and/or mode of interaction of H1 with chromatin [ 73 ] . Interestingly, HL-60 cells overexpressing ProTα show an enhancement of accessibility of micrococcal nuclease to chromatin, implying relaxed chromatin structure for enhanced cell cycle gene expression [ 74 ] .

  • This solvent-accessibility data can be used to filter results of the phylogenetic analysis by three states of amino acid solvent accessibility [ 47].

  • We explicitly consider heterogeneity in treatment accessibility in our analysis of ARV allocation strategies.

  • , the treatment accessibility) decreases with distance from the HCF.

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