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  • Using either the YL-1 or TMOD4 cDNAs in a BLAST search of the human EST database, we were unable to identify any additional intergenic transcripts, but we did uncover several YL-1 ESTs that had apparently spliced within exons in such a way as to not use the canonical consensus splice acceptors or donors, the rarer GC or AT donor sites or the AC acceptor site [ 29 ] . ESTs AI560960 and AI369608 were identical and contained YL-1 exons 1 and 2 but splice within exon 2 at position 276 (position is in bp relative to Genbank sequence D43642) to position 1107 (internal to exon 6) (Fig.

  • Escherichia coli like many enteric and soil bacteria can respire anaerobically by using a variety of amine-N-oxides and methyl-sulfoxides as electron acceptors.

  • The method involves detection of actual activity of respiratory electron transport using artificial electron acceptors such as DCIP and tetrazolium dyes such as XTT.

  • Supplementing soils with appropriate electron donors and acceptors could stimulate extensive growth of low numbers of indigenous organisms.

  • In terrestrial biological systems, energy is tapped via stepwise electron transport between electron donors and acceptors via an electron transport chain . Applying this principle universally, we should be able to detect the chemical components of electron transport chains or electron transport itself as a signature of life.

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