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  • Using either the YL-1 or TMOD4 cDNAs in a BLAST search of the human EST database, we were unable to identify any additional intergenic transcripts, but we did uncover several YL-1 ESTs that had apparently spliced within exons in such a way as to not use the canonical consensus splice acceptors or donors, the rarer GC or AT donor sites or the AC acceptor site [ 29 ] . ESTs AI560960 and AI369608 were identical and contained YL-1 exons 1 and 2 but splice within exon 2 at position 276 (position is in bp relative to Genbank sequence D43642) to position 1107 (internal to exon 6) (Fig.

  • Further validation efforts may show that observation of redox cycling of artificial electron acceptors of appropriate redox potentials may be sufficient in itself as a signature of life, greatly simplifying instrumentation requirements for extraterrestrial missions in our solar system and beyond.

  • Since living entities require a continual source of usable energy, we should be able to detect a chemical signature of life in the form of mixtures of redox molecules such as porphyrins, quinones, and flavins that transport electrons along redox gradients between electron donors and acceptors [ 13 ] . We examined methods to extract and detect the components of electron transport chains that might be used to indicate the presence of life on site in extraterrestrial locations.

  • Supplementing soils with appropriate electron donors and acceptors could stimulate extensive growth of low numbers of indigenous organisms.

  • Thus, our ability, confirmed here, to detect actual electron transport within the redox potential range of life processes, and to observe simultaneously some of the signature chemical structures involved, offers a promising direct approach to detecting the capability of living entities in soil on Earth or elsewhere in our solar system to move electrons between universal donors and acceptors and obtain energy to support replication.

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