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  • RECOURSE -The rights of a holder in due course of a financial instrument (such as a loan) to force the endorser on the instrument to meet his or her legal obligations for making good the payment of the instrument if dishonored by the maker or acceptor.

  • The three subclades are YbaK (S 2 in Figure 3a), an insertion domain in the acceptor stem of prokaryotic prolyl-tRNA synthetases (S

  • The sequence environment of all donor- and acceptor sites was analysed using Splice Site Prediction by Neural Network (SSPNN, URL address: http://www.fruitfly.org/seq_tools/splice.html).

  • A long terminal repeat from a human endogenous retrovirus (HERV) was shown to drive the expression of an intergenic transcript from an unknown gene named HERV-HLTR associating 1 (HHLA1) and human otoconin-90 (OC90) to produce a transcript that is highly expressed in teratocarcinoma cells but not in normal human tissues or cell lines [ 33 ] . In the mouse, a Prion-like downstream gene named doppel (Dpl) was found to have an intergenic transcript that is upregulated in Prion-deficient mice [ 34 ] . The deletion of the Prion gene in these mice removes the splice acceptor site of exon 3, causing the normal Prion transcript to skip the deleted exon and inadvertently upregulate the normally low-abundance intergenic transcript by forcing it to splice more often to the doppel gene.

  • In these animals exon 3 and its splice acceptor were deleted, causing a rare intergenic transcript between Prion and Doppel to be highly upregulated and abnormally expressed in the brain, leading to late-onset ataxia and Purkinje cell degeneration [ 34 ] .

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