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  • However, both Genie and GENSCAN gene models were often wrong in detail, when compared to cDNA sequence alignments for three main reasons: first, exon mis-associations: the programs placed exons from one gene with the exons of a neighboring or nested gene; second, erroneous splice site calls: the donor and acceptor sites were slightly misplaced; or third, missed mini- and micro-exons: small ORFs were not identified [ 20, 66].

  • These include the strength of the 5' and 3' splice site, the branch point strength and secondary structure predictions at the donor and acceptor site.

  • In a number of cases for which an unconventional splice junction was supported by cDNA data, the precise location of the junction could not be determined, owing to repeated sequence at the donor and acceptor sites.

  • The mfold computer program version 3.0 http://bioinfo.math.rpi.edu/~mfold/rna/form1.cgiwas used to predict the RNA secondary structure and to calculate the folding free energy [ 26 27 ] . We have computed the minimum-free-energy structures from all the donor- and acceptor sites of the 60 exons of NF1 within a window of 100 bp.

  • In addition we identified a putative fifth exon for P24 from hypothalamus (BG715502) and pineal gland (AA363698) cDNA libraries, located between exons 2 and 3 in the 5-prime untranslated region and flanked by non-traditional splice donor and acceptor bases [ 25 ] . The novel exon was not present in the full-length mRNA sequence (AF418980).

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