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How can you use “abortus” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • VNTR Locus-4 of B. suis ) to fourteen copies (VNTR Locus-7 of B. abortus ). A notable feature of the repeat loci was the significant conservation of the sequence immediately downstream of the repeat units in eight of the nine loci.

  • Even more unexpected was the remarkable discrimination the HOOF-Print technique revealed among B. abortus biovar 1 field isolates.

  • Alignment of the downstream sequences of B. abortus , B. melitensis and B. suis (Fig.

  • Allele 2 for VNTR Locus-8 in all Brucella abortus isolates tested).

  • The bacterial strains used for this study included the complete array of Brucella type strains and/or FAO/WHO Reference Strains: B. abortus biovar 1, strain 544 (ATCC-23448); B. abortus biovar 1, strain S19 (isolates from stock culture and from infected cattle); B. abortus biovar 1, strain 2308; B. abortus biovar 1, strain RB51 (from the NADC Culture Collection and from commercially prepared vaccine production lots); B. abortus biovar 2, strain 86/8/59, (ATCC-23449); B. abortus biovar 3, strain Tulya, (ATCC-23450); B. abortus biovar 4, strain 292, (ATCC-23451); B. abortus biovar 5, strain B3196, (ATCC-23452); B. abortus biovar 6, strain 870, (ATCC-23453); B. abortus biovar 9, strain C68, (ATCC-23455); B. canis , RM-6/66, strain (ATCC-23365); B. melitensis biovar 1, strain 16M, (ATCC-23456); B. melitensis biovar 2, strain 63/9, (ATCC-23457); B. melitensis biovar 3, strain Ether, (ATCC-23458); B. neotomae , strain 5K33, (ATCC-23459); B. ovis , strain 63/290, (ATCC-25840); B. suis biovar 1, strain 1330, (ATCC-23444); B. suis biovar 2, strain Thomsen, (ATCC-23445); B. suis biovar 3, strain 686, (ATCC-23446); B. suis biovar 4, strain 40, (ATCC-23447); B. suis biovar 5, strain 513, (ATCC-NA).

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