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  • As mentioned above, VNTR Locus-4 of the B. suis biovar 1 sequenced genome was 11-bp larger than the homologous regions of B. abortus biovar 1 and B. melitensis biovar 1. When the sizes of the VNTR Locus-4 fragments amplified from the panel of Brucella strains were compared to the size range of the normal and the alternative alleles, we observed that the products amplified from B. canis , B. neotomae , B. ovis , and B. suis biovars 2, 4 and 5, were consistent with the 11-bp offset allelic ladder of B. suis biovar 1 rather than the allelic ladder exhibited by the B. melitensis or B. abortus biovars (Fig.

  • Recently, the complete genomes from B. melitensis [ 11 ] and B. suis [ 12 ] were published and the genomic sequence from B. abortus is complete but not yet fully annotated [ 13 ] . These data have made it possible to search for regions of DNA sequence variability that might be useful as markers for diagnostic identification and differentiation.

  • The compiled fingerprints, along with the fingerprint of B. abortus reference strain 544, are shown in Fig.

  • Alignment of the downstream sequences of B. abortus , B. melitensis and B. suis (Fig.

  • The results, presented in tabular form (Table 4), demonstrated that limited in vitro passage of RB51 did not induce any allele variation, and that RB51 was distinct from the other B. abortus biovar 1 laboratory strains including the parental strain 2308.

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