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How can you use “aberrantly” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The cerebellar phenotype in these mice was not reported, and it is not clear if the aberrantly proliferating neuroepithelial precursors in their mice represent a pre-neoplastic population.

  • The mitogenic role played by Wnts in normal CNS development also supports the concept that the pathway could promote growth in the brain [ 21 22 ] . In order to test this hypothesis we created transgenic mice in which the Wnt pathway was aberrantly activated in the CNS.

  • In order to determine if Wnt signaling was aberrantly active in the cerebellar neuroblasts thought to give rise to some medulloblastomas, β-catenin immunostains were performed on newborn Mut-1 and Mut-2 animals.

  • If chromosomes segregated aberrantly during the MI reductional division, and then segregated appropriately during the equational division of MII, one would expect sister spores to receive identical complements of chromosomes.

  • It has been proposed that loss of hERα expression in breast tumors is the result of aberrant RNA processing [ 40 41 42 43 ] . These aberrantly spliced mRNAs, if translated, could lead to truncated receptors with hormone binding but not DNA binding function [ 44 ] . Further, there is evidence for the role of RNA processing in oncogenesis [ 45 46 ] . Many studies, including those on human hnRNP A2/B1 and the CD44 gene, suggest that high fidelity pre-mRNA splicing is critical to normal cellular function and may play a key role in oncogenesis and breast cancer progression [ 47 48 ] . The strong association between nmt55/p54 nrband hERα expression indicates that nmt55/p54 nrbmay be an important marker for breast cancer progression.

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