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  • Stripped to its fundamentals, the structure of midasin consists of a pseudo-hexameric assembly of AAA protomers associated with a MIDAS-containing M-domain.

  • In most AAA proteins, the ring structure is formed by six identical polypeptide subunits, with each contributing a single AAA protomer [ 14 ] . However, the AAA motor dynein differs in having six distinct AAA protomers disposed in tandem on a single polypeptide subunit of unusually high molecular weight, and it is believed to form a unimolecular pseudo-hexameric AAA ring [ 5 6 16 ] .

  • To sequence the junction fragments from both strands, we performed PCR and sequencing with primers 774F and reverse primer E43+355 (5'-CAA AGT CTC TGT CTG GAA GAG AAA TGA TTT TGA-3') for FB774, and with forward primer E44 -343 (5'-CCT TAG CTT CCC AAA GTG CTA GGA TTA-3') and 890R for FB890.

  • Different sets of polypeptides were found associated with YLR106p in a systematic study of the yeast proteome [ 3 4 ] . In a survey of the family of AAA ATPases, Neuwald and coworkers [ 5 ] noted that YLR106p is a member of the AAA ATPase family and is unusual in containing six tandem copies of the set of sequence motifs that characterize an AAA protomer.

  • In contrast to their shared structure, the AAA proteins participate in diverse cellular activities, including proteolysis, protein folding and unfolding, membrane trafficking, DNA replication, metal ion metabolism and intracellular motility [ 13 14 15 ] . Recent structural studies have revealed that the protomers of an AAA protein usually oligomerize into ring-shaped hexameric structures that constitute molecular platforms essential to their mode of action.

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