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  • One well accepted hypothesis is that scaffolding proteins such as Ste5p and Pbs2p tether the MAPK module to the appropriate input and output components [ 31 ] . The recent identification of numerous Ste5p analogs in yeast and mammals makes this hypothesis even more intriguing [ 26 ] . Beyond scaffolding proteins, higher-order protein complexes have been hypothesized to play a role in maintaining signal specificity [ 32 ] . Our computational results suggest that this may indeed be the case.

  • In the model for the pheromone response network, NetSearch inserted Akr1p, a known inhibitor of the pheromone pathway [ 15 ] , between Ste3p and the G protein complex (Ste4p/Ste18p/Gpa1p).

  • For example, products of Ste18, Ste4, Cdc42, Cdc24, Far1, Bem1, Ste20, Ste5, and other proteins are thought to constitute a complex that has numerous interactions among components, and that mediates many different cellular processes [ 14 28 ] . The complex may coordinate mating pheromone detection with (1) cell cycle arrest via Far1p, (2) MAPK signal transduction via Ste5p and Ste20p, and (3) cell polarity via Bem1p and Far1p (among others) [ 29 30 ] .

  • Lastly an ~1 kb "stuffer" fragment containing most of the STE4 gene was inserted into the XhoI and BamHI sites to aid in purification of doubly digested pVT560.

  • Of the three network models, the one generated for the pheromone response pathway originating at Ste3p (Fig.

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