Example sentences for: src-mediated

How can you use “src-mediated” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • In comparison to the two general alternative mechanisms utilized by known transforming viruses to promote cell-cycle progression, namely, by activating or bypassing endogenous D-type cyclins (herein, referred to as "cyclin D"), it has not been established whether HIV-1 gene products trigger either cyclin D-dependent or cyclin D-independent proliferation in non-lymphoid tissues [ 15 ] . In infected renal epithelium, HIV-1 could disrupt the inhibitory binding of pRb to E2F independent of endogenous cyclin D, analogous to transforming viral mechanisms that bypass and down-regulate endogenous cyclin D, such as SV-40 T antigen binding to pRb [ 16 ] , HHV-8 v -cyclin binding to and activating cyclin-dependent kinase-6 (CDK) [ 17 ] , and activation of cyclin E by EBV-induced c -myc [ 18 ] . Alternatively, HIV-1 could activate cyclin D-dependent proliferation, as exemplified by RSV v -src-mediated signaling [ 19 ] . In most tissues, the selective activation of these cell-cycle pathways is readily discernable.

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