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  • It seems possible that PRC-barrels with a sporadic distribution and a regulatory function in energy metabolism or photosynthesis are likely to have been derived from more conserved and ancient versions that were probably involved in RNA metabolism.

  • Other mechanisms that involve gene regulation may allow for decreased expression of BRCA1 in sporadic tumors.

  • Both papers say these medications are attractive to those who only have sporadic sex and have trouble with consistent contraceptive planning.

  • Microsatellite instability (MSI) is hallmark of mismatch repair-deficient cancers, which has been observed in all cancers arising from Hereditary Non-polyposis Colorectal Cancer (HNPCC) syndrome, some sporadic colorectal and other cancers [ 38 ] . MSI is generally associated with germ-line mutations in one of two MMR genes, hMLH1 and hMSH2 . Epigenetic inactivation of promoter hypermethylation of APC and HIC1 also results in MSI phenotype in sporadic colorectal cancers [ 39 40 ] . Accumulating evidence supports the view that promoter methylation of mismatch repair genes may be related to MSI phenotype [ 41 42 ] . A number of previous studies have shown the existence of MSI phenotype in CC [ 43 44 ] . In the present study, we found that MSI-H occurs at an increased frequency in tumors with HIC1 and APC promoter hypermethylation.

  • Mutations in this gene account for 60% of hereditary ovarian cancers [ 1 ] . Loss of heterozygosity in this gene occurs in 30-70% of sporadic ovarian carcinomas [ 2 ] . Species homology studies have shown that while the entire 22 exon gene is poorly conserved, the terminal ends maintain over an 80% homology between rat, human and mouse [ 3 ] . BRCA1 has long been known to function in DNA repair.

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