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  • Previously, conventional wisdom held that Aß load and hypercholesterolemia were directly related, based on observations that high-fat diet aggravated amyloid pathology in plaque-forming mice [3,4,5].

  • The natural phenomenon of spontaneous mutation, which occurs in the absence of drug selection, results in the accumulation of approximately six to eight TK-deficient variants per 10 4plaque-forming viruses in virus populations that have never been exposed to selective pressure [ 6 10 12 ] . Furthermore, HSV-2 clinical isolates were shown to have a higher frequency of spontaneous mutations resistant to ACV and PCV, approximately 30-fold, compared to HSV-1 isolates, and the majority of these mutations are in tk . Consistent with this observation, HSV-2 strains also exhibited approximately a 20- to 80-fold higher spontaneous mutation rate to cidofovir (HPMPC), an inhibitor of HSV Pol, resistance compared with HSV-1 [ 21 ] . Therefore, these naturally-occuring mutations are not unique to tk and TK substrates as detected with antiviral agents ACV and PCV, but were extended with the direct Pol inhibitor, HPMPC, to other loci, most likely pol .

  • Each virus had a titer of about 10 8plaque-forming units per ml.

  • This number was calculated as follows: (number of plaques 270) × (dilution factor 10) × (total packaging volume 500 μl) / (total number of mg packaged 8.75 × 10 -5) × (number of μl packaged 1) = 1.542 × 10 10plaque-forming units (PFU) per mg or 1.35 × 10 6PFU per packaging reaction.

  • α-Secretase activation may explain how statins lower the risk for Alzheimer disease [69], since atorvastatin diminishes Aβ burden in plaque-forming transgenic mice [13].

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