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  • Yet, high CG levels during pregnancy may pass the "cell membrane barrier" and act through the cytoplasmic LHR in the CL of pregnancy and other cells with cytoplasmic expression, and such effect could be enhanced if the "vascular LHR barrier" is absent - abnormal placentae of aged phenotype and similar putative age-related vascular changes in other tissues.

  • For the purpose of statistical analysis in this study, the PT1 and PT2 placentae were coupled, since they can be considered as normal placentae capable of responding and fulfilling the demands of the growing fetus by compensatory villous development or expansion of existing mature villi [ 30 ] . They were compared with placental types showing moderate and severe abnormality (coupled PT3 and PT4).

  • One might speculate that in cultures derived from normal placentae, the weak estrogenic effect of PhR is sufficient to stimulate trophoblast/mesenchymal cell interactions in vitro resulting in a local production of estrogens.

  • Estrogenic steroids regulate cellular function in a wide variety of tissues [ 1 ] . During human pregnancy, the production of 17-beta-estradiol (E2) rises eighty fold, from 0.75 nM preovulatory peak to 60 nM at term [ 2 3 4 5 ] , and estrogens influence various aspects of placental function and fetal development in humans and primates [ 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ] . Several previous studies have shown that human placenta binds estradiol [ 13 14 15 ] . However, more recent immunohistochemical studies on paraffin-embedded or snap frozen sections as well as other techniques (RT-PCR for ER-alpha mRNA) failed to demonstrate estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) in human placentae during pregnancy or in cultures of dispersed placental cells [ 16 17 ] . However, it has been indicated that the failure to detect the ERα does not entirely preclude the presence of this receptor in human trophoblast cells, but might be attributed to a relatively low number and density of ERα molecules on these cells [ 17 ] . On the other hand, Billiar et al.

  • 6Dsummarizes the data on ERα expression in all ten placentae and cultures presented in panels 6A-C.

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